Rapid Connectors

Rapid POS: Using Promotional Prices with the Shopify Connector

This video explains how to sync calculated sale prices, also known as promotional prices, using Rapid’s Shopify connector. Setting up a price rule for the Shopify connector has more limitations than setting up price rules for in-store sales. Watch the video to learn more about the requirements for promotional prices and the Shopify connector, and also consult the Rapid document on calculated promotional prices for more details. This functionality works best in Shopify Connector version 2.7.23 and above. You can confirm your Shopify Connector version in the Overall section on your Shopify Configuration screen.

Rapid POS: RapidGO Android Mobile Device Overview

RapidGO Subscription (Per Device / Per Month) Features Currently Available:
Physical Count
Item Lookup (Stock Check, Price)
Item Maintenance (Update Min/Max, Bin, Price, Barcode)
Receiving (with or without a PO)
Transfer Out
Create List of Labels to print from Counterpoint
Line Busting (No ability to complete ticket or take payment)
Any new features added to this platform during the subscription.
NOTE: Subscription is month-to-month and can be cancelled on 30-days written notice. Restart of a subscription after discontinuation will require an additional configuration fees.

Rapid POS: Overview of the Shopify Connector v2.5 (Released August 2023)

This video presents a full overview of the latest release of Rapid’s Counterpoint to Shopify connector. You will learn how to access the Shopify Items window, what each of the fields on the screen controls, learn a bit about how orders flow from Shopify into Counterpoint, hear more about our Shopify Configuration options, and learn a few tips and tricks along the way.

Rapid POS: New Features in MailChimp 2.0

In this video, you will learn about some of the new features available in the Mailchimp connector version 2.0 as well as how to create a Mailchimp list segment using the vendor product field (which can be populated with category, subcategory and vendor information).

Rapid POS: Setting Up Ecommerce Categories for Firearm Stores

In this short video, you will learn a some tricks to defining eCommerce categories for your firearm online store and how to set them up.

Rapid POS: Finding and Remediating Shopify Items with Errors

In this video, you will learn how to filter for Shopify Items with a status of 9, how to compare the Shopify ID in Counterpoint to the Shopify ID in Shopify, and how to remediate items that are disconnected and erroring out.

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