Assigning User Drawers

By Assigning User Drawers you are allowing your Counterpoint users the ability to access your store drawers and POS touchscreen. Many Managers prefer all users to be able to access all drawers by entering their username and password. Each physical location of a POS terminal in your store is called a Station. Your stations each contain a User Drawer. These drawers are often numbered 100-100, 100-102,100-103 and so on. When you assign a user to “All Stores, All Drawers” you are stating that this User is authorized to use All Stations and All Drawers. This is very popular when you have a few POS stations and you would like all of your cashiers to be able to work on any station and any drawer. Your Users are always required to enter their Username and Password for Touchscreen entry and whatever permissions you assign as a Manager are associated with your employees Username. This video takes you through each step to assign your user drawers and shows you how to modify the permissions based on the individual User.